Monday, February 29, 2016

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Senseless Hearts (Book Two in The Caplin Brothers Series)

We swiftly fell into an infatuation so deep our insecurities were ignored. We became lost in one another, not realizing those insecurities were morphing into a poisonous force that would destroy us.
Effort doesn’t always end in success.
Love doesn’t always equal happily ever after.
You give your all for a relationship thinking it matters, thinking the effort you give will be returned, and when it isn’t, you’re left in pieces.
People build walls around themselves so they aren’t so vulnerable to the world.
Sometimes, you just wish you were worth opening the door for.
Years after a mutual breakup, Nate and Sara are separately navigating their lives.
Nate is engaged to be married while Sara has a promising job opportunity thousands of miles away.
But, suddenly, their lives intersect and past feelings come crashing into the present. Will they ignore what they feel? Or will their senseless hearts prevail?

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Other Books in The Caplin Brothers Series:

Ace's Wild (The Caplin Brothers Series Book One- OUT NOW!)

Ace Caplin is a rock star destined for fame but plagued by addiction. That addiction becomes responsible for his plunge to rock bottom. As he begins to put the pieces of his life back together, he’s finally ready to join his band mates on tour again. Little does he know, he’s been replaced. Will this discovery push him over the edge into a drug filled abyss? Or will he make an unforgettable come back? 

-Enter Melody- 

Mel was at one time an outgoing girl with a passion for life but a couple of years ago her family life was turned upside down by her fathers deceit. She's left with a broken heart and an emotional scar so deep she may never trust again. With a little brother to help take care of, college to finish, and trust issues to sort out, will she find love again? This is the journey of two very different individuals whose lives intertwine and get the chance to have something neither of them ever thought they deserved- Love.

Ace's Fall (OUT NOW!)
An Ace’s Wild prequel novella

You may have met Ace after his recovery in Ace's Wild but now you get to see the side of him before that. 
Ace Caplin is fresh out of high school when he signs his first record deal alongside his band, Spades. Things seem to be looking up until the record label wants change. That change comes at a price.
Ace finds himself going down the darkest path he has ever went down and it's fueled by sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll. He's going to fall into the darkness and he's going to fall hard.
Get ready for the ride.

The Unraveling of Melody (OUT NOW!)
An Ace’s Wild prequel Novella

In Ace’s Wild you met Melody when she was repairing the cracks in her life. Now you have a chance to figure out where the cracks originated from.

Melody is starting her senior year of high school and she has high hopes for herself and friends. Although things start off well, they quickly start unraveling. Her best friend begins to avoid her, her parent’s marriage begins to crumble, and to top it off her relationship with her boyfriend isn’t living up to all of the hype.

Melody soon figures out who her true friends and family are, while others betray her in the worst of ways.

***This is a prequel novella to Ace's Wild and may contain spoilers to Ace's Wild***

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