Thursday, June 18, 2015

Delays... Blame it on my brain.

Self doubt... A writers worst enemy. I'm in the middle of a battle with my brain. My brain is winning... Or losing depending on which way you look at it.

I think my issue is I'm piling so much on my plate that my brain just, kind of, shuts down. It refuses to let me write, instead it says "You suck, you suck, you suck!". I'm writing in my WIPs, but slowly. I get in writing funks often, as you may or may not have noticed.

I can't give you release dates. I'm very sorry for this but until it's in my editors hands, I can't give you a date. The reason being, when I do this, I add more to my already huge pile. I promise you I'm chipping away at these books in progress. I'm mainly focusing on Finding You, so I can say that that will be my next release.

I still plan on giving Ace's Wild a little "face lift". Which means, an extra scene or two as well as extended scenes. Probably a reedit as well but we'll see.

I know, as a reader, this may all be a little frustrating. I'm still learning the ropes to this author thing so please, please, bear with me. If you ever have any questions about my future or current projects, you are always welcome to message me on my Facebook Author page HERE. or my email


Erika <3

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hey all! As usual, a few updates for you...

Ace's Fall and The Unraveling of Melody are officially FREE on all platforms! Yay! I feel like this is a victory for me. Amazon kept saying no but they finally agreed after it showed as free on the competitor sites. Anywho, I'm happy to finally get them to you for free!

I'm currently working on TWO projects... I feel crazy sometimes but it's worth it. First up is Finding you, I have a co-author on this book and I'm so excited about it. My co-author is the lovely Heather Diemer, if you haven't heard of her I'd suggest Amazoning her books, they're ah-maaaazing! We're aiming for a summer release.
Next up, Maybe Memories- I've received quite a few messages asking when this one will be released, I promise it's coming! I'm hoping for a summer release on this one as well but I won't know more until May-ish.

I think that's it for now.

Love you all!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New releases!! (...and stuff)

If you haven't been able to tell, I suck at keeping things up to date on this page! The FAQ's hadn't been updated since before Ace's Wild came out. Whoa. Anywho, I'm here with some updates.

The Unraveling of Melody and Ace's Fall are out! Woohoo! They're available on Amazon and Smashwords. I'm hoping to have them on iBooks and Nook soon (Yay!)

Since my last post, I've confirmed TWO more signings! Check out the Signing Events tab to check out if it's near you!

That's really it for now. I'm taking a little time off of writing to catch up on reading and reviews for my book blog but I should be back to the writing cave in the coming weeks. I'm nervous and excited to get Maybe Memories out. It's been in my head for a while and I'm terrified to share it. It's a story I've become protective of. I want to do the story justice so I will be working really hard on working out all the kinks, even if that means taking my sweet time with it, then that's just what I will do. I love Ace's Wild but, eventually, I'm going to add more to it and prolong the ending. I refuse to put Maybe Memories out until it's truly ready.

That's it for now. If you want the latest updates be sure to follow my Facebook page HERE.